Mazars publishes its global consolidated accounts: please find the latest version of our annual report (2009/2010)

Mazars introduces the sixth edition of its annual report. To date, Mazars is the only global audit and advisory group that publishes an annual report that includes accounts co-audited according to IFRS standards on a global level. The Group has performed this unique exercise since 2004.
RA 2009_2010 eng

For Mazars, its commitment to the principle of responsibility implies first applying it to ourselves. Thus, Mazars, a key transparency player on the market place, has chosen to respect the same standards as those expected from its clients.

The 2009 – 2010 financial year proved both positive and encouraging, with continued organic growth and the confidence many companies on the five continents place in us. The sustained rate of increase of partners together with the development of new projects emphasises the relevance of the integrated partnership model. We are determined to continue our growth dynamic in the coming years in order to continue to meet the market’s expectations with a consistent, global, integrated service”, states Patrick de Cambourg, President of the Mazars Group

Mazars has chosen “a sense of purpose” as the theme for its Annual Report.
For Mazars, the period we are now experiencing is bringing about profound changes, a situation that is also leading individuals and organisations to legitimately question themselves about their real purpose, and about the more global endgame of which they are part. A period of disruption can be perceived as a threat, however, it is also, in itself, the vehicle for a new positive dynamic.


Annual report 2009/2010 digest English.pdf
Annual report 2009/2010 English.pdf